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I had to reread what I wrote last night to remind myself what I promised to write about tonight! The porch, photos from yesterday, etc. I will get to all of that, I promise, but let me just say a few other things first. Because after all, this is my blog!

So last night Parker was up three times to eat. If she had her own room I would have told her to go fly a kite and let her cry it out b/c come on, she’s not a week old anymore and has NO reason for being so hungry! Chris wanted to put her outside and let the squirrels raise her. Not a bad suggestion at 4am. I have made an appt with St. Luke’s Sleep Center so that we can finally figure out what to do with these kids and the non-sleep we’re all getting. I have a phone call scheduled for this Friday and then an office appointment for May 7th. I can’t WAIT until May 7th! I will keep you updated, but if any moms out there have any suggestions until then, I would love to hear them! Our problem is that Parker needs to learn to sleep through the night and when Bailey went through that stage it was about a week of tear filled nights. I’m fine with the whole “cry it out” method, but how do we do that when they need to share a room? So right now Parker is in our bed and Bailey is upstairs until we figure out something else. Which should be May 7th! Please pray that this sleep specialist will give us a plan that works and we can finally get some shut eye!

This is going to sound silly, but Bailey says “happy” now. She came up to me tonight, put her arms around my neck (she loves giving “backwards hugs” when I’m sitting on the floor) and said “happee”! I swear my heart slid out of my body and melted all over the floor. Later, when she had Parker cracking up, she pointed to her and said it again. “Yes, Parker is happy, you’re making her happy!” Seriously, this is why I need a video camera taped to my forehead so I can capture these sweet moments. I will never forget that chubby little finger pointing to her chubbier little sister and saying “happy”. This is why I love being a mom.

Ok, enough chatter. It’s photo time.

These are from yesterday when we pretended that Bailey wasn’t sick and took her outside for some sunshine. It was 80 degrees and beautiful! We had the sprinkler on, the t-ball and golf sets out, etc. Of course I had the camera, and thank goodness b/c I got some amazing shots, if I do say so myself!
Bailey and her blankie.

WARNING: These photos are not for the faint of heart or non-adventurers out there. There were no children harmed in the taking of these photographs. Fun was had by all, I swear.


Are you ok? Still breathing? Good. Those are some of my favorite photos thus far in life! Let me know what you think, I love comments!

And now, what the world has been waiting for. Ok, no one really cares, but I want to share our back porch with you. It started out a little rough and last fall we cleaned it out and painted the floor and walls. Then this spring we’ve worked on the decorating. My MIL, Terri, made the amazing curtains and most of the pillows. My dad made the birch ladder. My wonderful husband and FIL, Bubba (aka Bill), hung the new ceiling fans. My mom worked her bottom off in the yard hauling mulch, and although you can’t see it in these photos I had to include her b/c she worked hard too! And I guess I supervised? No, I cleaned and placed and decorated!

Standing at the back door. The window seat is my favorite, as are the directors chairs that Terri recovered with monogrammed fabric, love that!

Standing at the back door and looking right, the eating area and swings.

Standing at the picnic table and looking back.

Looking at the backdoor.

So that’s our porch. We love it, every nook and cranny. Don’t you love the curtians hung by clothespins? And the two swings side by side. I mean, can you get cuter? :)

I’m not going to end this with what I’m showing you tomorrow so that I’m not stuck tomorrow night! I will tell you that I’m going to make a photo album soon of my all time favorite Allen family photos. But soon, in my vocaulary, could be weeks, so don’t hold your breath! Good night!

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