i feel sorry for that third kid

If you’ve ever had a baby then you know that you cherish every second you have with her. She is the light of your life. She is your reason for living. She is every free moment you used to have but are happy to give up to her. You are careful, and watchful, and protective. Even me, who is what you would call relaxed, parented pretty much by the books when Bailey was little. I started her on cereal when they said, I gave her tummy time and read to my belly. And most importantly, I paid attention. I can look back at her baby book AND my journal to tell you to the minute when she cut her first tooth, rolled over and sat up for the first time.

I knew everyone said it wouldn’t be like that with the second, but I knew, I KNEW myself better than they did and I knew, I just KNEW that I am the best documentor in the entire world and would know everything about Parker just as detailed as I did with Bailey. This coming from the person who now has a baby with the most severe case of diaper rash she’s ever seen b/c instead of starting Parker on one baby food at a time, has given her every kind they make b/c it’s easier (and frankly more fun to watch her taste new foods everyday!). So now until it clears up, poor, hungry Parker is back to just cereal. And if you’ve ever been brave enough to taste baby rice cereal, you would feel very sorry for her right now that’s she’s missing out on peaches, carrots and bananas (which are what I think gave her the rash).

But in my mind, what’s worse than the diaper rash (which is bad. very very bad.), is that I missed TWO major milestones! Seriously.

Yesterday my in-laws took Bailey for the day and night (thank you!) to give her some special one on one time with them and to give us a little break. So in the morning after she was headed to Grant’s Farm with GoGo and Bubba and Chris was at soccer practice, Parker and I had some one on one time of our own. I spread my favorite quilt on the floor and laid down to play with her. This is when I realized that my little baby can SIT UP BY HERSELF! For like actual minutes at a time without falling over! Now, when Bailey sat up for the first time we had not only the camera out, but the camcoder was rolling as we made calls to everyone we knew, “Bailey is sitting up!!!” And truthfully, if I’m really honest with myself, we probably had all that going way before the actual sit-up event happened b/c we were just so excited when she could prop up in the Boppy, or sit in our laps without her head falling forward. And here’s my poor little Parker, sitting up like a stud and wondering where all the fuss is. I swear she looked at me with her huge blue eyes and was thinking how unfair it all was.

Then, less than 20 minues later I was sitting on the floor giving her a bottle when I wanted to change the channel and so let go of the bottle for a second to grab the remote. In that second, hungry little Parker picked up the bottle I had so carelessly let drop to her chest and started feeding herself. I looked down and in the exact same moment felt intense happiness that she was so amazing and utter dispair that somehow I had missed this too! As far as I know she can mix the formula herself when I’m too busy chasing Bails around to feed her the second she’s hungry. As I watched her little hands grasp that bottle I swear she was thinking what a complete failure as a mother I was. There she was, trying desperately to get my attention by crossing two milestones in the few minutes she knew no one was home and she had my undivided attention!

Ok, so logically I know that I am not a failure as a mother. But it does make my heart hurt to know that she can sit up (still slightly unsteadily, but sit up nonetheless) and hold her own bottle, and that not only do I not know the exact moment she learned those two skills, I still haven’t written it down in her baby book!

Here are the miraculous events themselves…
Isn’t she amazing? I know this isn’t her baby book, but I definitely didn’t anounce it to the entire blog world when Bails sat up so this is something right? And not that baby #3 is even in the thought process yet, but if she ever does come along, I just feel sorry for her future blank baby book.

Because we both know if I can’t keep up with two, how in the hell am I going to record what #3 does?

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