i love good movies

Don’t you just love the feeling of leaving the movie theater and wishing you could watch hours more? When you’re mad it’s over b/c it was just so so good? Or maybe just the simple feeling of being happy you picked a good movie over the one you forced yourself to sit through last time.

Last weekend when my sister was in town we watched the stupidest movie. Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst. It was so bad that she left to go back to my parent’s house for the night before it was even over. Me, being a person who is morally against not giving a movie a chance to get better, sat through it until the end when I threw up my hands in disgust b/c not only did it not get better, in fact, it got worse. I hate that. Knowing you wasted all that time on something so stupid. I could have been crafting or sleeping or working to end world hunger or just picking my nose. Anything else would have been better than sitting through that entire movie.

That movie left such a bad taste in my mouth that I was honestly scared to pick the movie this weekend. So I gave Chris 3 choices and he chose Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell. It was amazing. He and I both liked it, which doesn’t happen often. Usually I love the romantic ones that he hates and I sleep through the dramas that keep him up at night dreaming of far off places. Tonight, however, we will both be in bed early, completely satisfied and happy with our choice of movie for the night.

It was funny in a sad sort of way and went in directions we never could have guessed. Great movie. Rent it!

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