oh tracy, you’re so funny.

After my laundry post yesterday my friend Tracy emailed me this:

"just a quickie for helping Chris not be so wrinkled:  iron his clothes when they are still damp!  don’t even put them in the dryer.  have the ironing board and iron set up  so when they come out of the wash you are set to go!"

Obviously she does not understand my problem!  Aren’t new friends great… they just assume the best in us! 

Chris has wrinkled clothes b/c I hate to put away the laundry, and although I know an iron would help, I guess I forgot to mention that I hate ironing even more!  My form of ironing at this point in my life is when I pull the wrinkled garment out of the pile, I lay it down, smooth it out, and call it done.  I tell myeslf he’s a high school teacher standing among kids that rolled out of bed and who will always look worse than him.  Not to mention, he has figured out that if he grabs what he’s wearing for the day and puts it in the dryer while he’s in the shower, it gets most wrinkles out.  So see, why WOULD I try harder?

Anyway, just had to share Tracy’s email b/c it caused me to fall out of my chair laughing this morning when I read that she actually thought I would IRON!  :)   Oh Tracy, you think way too highly of my house wife skills! And if she irons Joel’s clothes with THREE kids running around I think I may have to call someone to have her committed, or call Martha (Stewart) and let her know she has a strong competitor!

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