the plague

Bailey officially has the plague, infecting all in her path. My sister was violently ill the past few days after her time spent with us, and now my mom has it. I feel horrible, as it’s my kid that got them both sick. So far Parker, Chris and I have avoided it, but now I’m scared there are germs just lurking around waiting to jump on me. If I got sick… by the power of possitive thinking, I’m not even going to finish that sentence b/c I’m NOT going to get sick!

Just a few updates;

1. I did paint with brown the other night and if I ever finish my idea for the paintings I will post them. It felt great to get that color out of my head and onto paper.
2. My friend Angie said I should rename Tackle it Tuesday to Toddler it Tuesday after I made Bailey Swiffer for me, and I think that’s awesome. I’m already dreaming of the chores I can pawn off on her next week!
3. Since Bailey did my Tuesday Tackle, I tackled something major yesterday, and actually took a photo of the “before” so I can show you my “after”! The after isn’t finished yet, hopefully today during naps, but I will show you soon.
4. In the near future (when all are feeling well and I have more time) look for a new photo album. I’m not sure what I’m going to call it, but my friend Jessica said I should take photos of all the creative things I’ve done around the house and post them. Great idea b/c my long term goal is to get paid to do creative things for others, but I need to show what I can do first.

My To-Do list for today (in no particular order):

1. laundry (you should see our bed covered with clean laundry!)
2. finish project from yesterday
3. park
4. go for a walk
5. clean upstairs bathroom
6. bank
7. grocery store

and tonight:
1. watch the NEW Grey’s
2. cook dinner
3. finish Jessica’s b-day gift

ps…thanks for the recipes everyone!!! Angie, I’m going to try that skillet lasagna tonight and if I can ACTUALLY make it, I’m going to post the recipe b/c it sounds amazing!!! Thanks! And your boys are beautiful!

I’m a tackle genius

So today went better than expected if you don’t count the throw up this morning or the diaper that leaked all over the floor this afternoon. And in the middle of a semi-good day, I became a Tackle it Tuesday genius! I made Bailey tackle something for me. That’s right. I put my one year old to work! She loved it and I loved the result!

After the party we had here on Sunday for Parker’s baptism the floor was pretty dirty. It was on my list for Monday, but with the germs crowding in I didn’t get to it. So today I had the Swiffer out to just do a quick run over it until I had the energy to actually clean it. As I was starting to Swiffer, Bailey came in and tried to “help.” It wasn’t helping and I didn’t feel like doing it anyway, so I just gave it to her. She pushed it around and I realized that although it wasn’t perfect, she was at least dusting the floor, but the handle was too long. So I took the thing apart and took out a section, so it was a toddler-sized Swiffer. I then put on a clean cloth and gave it back to her. This is genius for 3 reasons: 1. it kept her busy for 20 minutes, enough time for me to check email 2. it really cleaned the floor (as good as I felt like doing it at that moment anyway) and 3. it allowed her to see that cleaning and helping mommy can be fun!

Tomorrow I’m going to let her fold laundry and mow the lawn. I think she can handle it. I mean after all, she did master the Swiffer in one day.

So from now on that will be the topic of my Tuesday Tackles… to see how much house work I can pawn off on my toddler. Wish me luck!

I want to paint with brown.

Bailey and I paint almost every day. Unlike most moms who care mostly about the fact that the paint is non-toxic or washable, I just care about the colors. I let her use my good acrylics b/c the color is way more vibrant than Crayola kids paint. When we paint she wears an old shirt of mine, we cover the table with craft paper, I give her paper or whatever we’re painting on that day, and then I squeeze the paints for her to paint with. I always chose the colors b/c she isn’t at an age yet that she cares and I always chose a fairly monochromatic color scheme. If I feel like yellow that day, then she may get a few shades of yellow, some orange and maybe some green. Basically, I chose colors that mix well and never turn into brown.

Today though, I feel like painting with brown. So maybe if we get to paint I will put down red, blue, green and yellow. That’s the fastest way to get brown.

Why brown? As gross as it is, b/c she has the stomach flu AGAIN (at least it’s not rotavirus!) and I feel like shades of brown is all I’ve seen the last two days.

If I get creative with brown I will let you know.

So it’s Tackle it Tuesday again on 5 Minutes for Mom and today I just don’t feel like tackling anything. Like I said, Bailey has the stomach flu and is just crabby crabby crabby, Parker has a bad cold and wants to be held 24-7 and I have a sinus infection. I’m hoping my precription kicks in soon b/c I think if I felt better I wouldn’t mind the girls being sick so much. Maybe that’s it, I’m just tackling sick today. Yes. I’m tackling more loads of infected laundry from Bailey, the nose sucker thing with Parker and really, trying to tackle my sanity is a job all it’s own. So for all those moms out there tackling the garage or world peace, let me slide this week ok? Sick is all I can handle right now.

Since both kids are quiet at the moment I’m going to stay here a minute longer and ask for some good recipes. I’m really trying to cook more (what I tackled last week) and I’m still feeling uninspired. It has to be really easy to make and fairly bland b/c I’m a bad cook and picky, but if you have any ideas I would love to hear them. And that’s all my time for today! Girl #1 is calling. Email me if you have good food ideas.



I haven’t gone this long without writing since I started this blog, but there wasn’t time to sit down the last few days much less think about writing. I’ve missed it though. Putting thoughts to paper is one of the most satisfying feelings, and for me, in my hectic life right now when pen and paper is unfortunately too time consuming, I love hearing the tap tap tap of the keys as my thoughts flow onto this computer screen. If no one ever read this I wouldn’t care, b/c this isn’t for anyone but me in the end. Just the fact that right now, Sunday night at 8pm, with both girls finally asleep and the cold medicine kicking in enough for me to breath, I can sit here and recap the last few days in my own words.

So what kept me away? Parker’s baptism and the craziness leading up to the big day.

My sister, Abbie, came in town Thursday night, as did our close family friend, Pat and her granddaughter Nicole. Friday we had a fun day working here at our house while Bailey and Nicole (who’s 4 years old) played, painted, ran, and giggled all day.


My mom, Nicole, Bailey, Abbie and Parker all dancing in our living room to “Accidently in Love” by The Counting Crows, Bailey’s current favorite song! We were having the BEST time!


How beautiful is Nicole? I’ve known her since birth, but have never really lived in the same town and this weekend was probably the most time I’ve spent with her. She has one of the sweetest little hearts. She loved feeding Parker, playing with Bailey and I had the most amazing time just getting to know her better.


The Easter Bunny brought Bailey sidewalk chalk and although I was too busy coloring with the girls to take photos of them, I did take a photo of the chalk b/c I was so excited about the choices! Can you believe they actually make olive green chalk now? I just love this photo.


Abbie’s husband is a great golfer and since they’ve been together he’s taught her how to golf, so she spent time with Bailey in the back yard golfing! I love this photo b/c Bailey hit the ball really far and was SO excited as she ran off to get it! My favorite part? The fact that she didn’t take that tu-tu off all weekend!


What’s better to round out a day of dancing, coloring, playing, golfing, and cleaning (what the adults were doing most of the time) than a group bath! All three girls in the tub!


As if there are ever too many tub photos. I just had to post this one also b/c after I got Parker out and dressed, Nicole took over for me and washed Bailey head to toe! It was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Ok, so that just got us to Friday night. Saturday was more of the same, except Parker, Chris and I finally caught the cold Bailey’s been working on all week and we felt pretty miserable. Cleaning and getting ready had to continue anyway, so kept at it until late last night. Today was the baptism with lunch at our house afterwards. For the first time in my life there was a major family moment and I DID NOT TAKE OUT MY CAMERA! Can you believe that? It was in my bag the whole time and it never once saw the light of day. Luckily someone at church took a million photos of the baptism and us posing afterwards. My best friend, in from Honduras as Parker’s God Mother, took some photos also. As soon as I get any of those I will of course post them.

Until then, life continues as usual tomorrow. And now I’m off to take some Nyquil and hopefully get some much needed sleep.

S is for stuck

Have you ever become obsessed with something and everything you do somehow revolves around that one thing? Sort of like right now I’m obsessed with scrapbooking again and so all day I think about the pages I want to do and pray I’m not too tired at the end of the night to sit down and create them. But what I’m really obsessed with is worse than that.

I’m obsessed with the phrase, “O is for obsess.” All day Bailey will point to letters and say “A?” So I answer, “No, that’s a W. W is for watermelon.” I think I say this at least a hundred times a day.

I painted “B is for Bailey and P is for Parker” on the girl’s bedroom walls and I just made a gratitude journal for someone and on the cover it says, “G is for Gratitude”. Seriously, it’s an addiction. I’m afraid that if someone asks me a question I will actually say this to them.

Stella at Bread Co: “Hi Jodie, what can I get for you?”
Jodie: “B is for Bagel.”
Stella at Bread Co.: “What?”

Then she would look at me like I had lost my mind, which I obviously am close to losing, and I would walk out hungry and embarrassed.

I love free stuff

When I was thinking about Betsy yesterday it reminded me that I need to thank the other Betsey we know… M’s girlfriend. She sent the girls some clothes she got from the store where she works and we LOVE them! And not just because they’re free. They’re cute too. But the free part does help, I’m not going to lie.

Don’t you just love getting free stuff? I think my all time best find was the Laura Ashley rug that’s in our dining room I got off the curb. Now stop thinking that I’m disgusting for putting trash in my house. Most of our things were someone else’s trash at some point. But no, I don’t usually pull things like rugs off the curb, I just happened to know the people throwing it away and knew it came from a clean home. Anyway, this rug is beautiful, it was expensive, and it fits our dining room space and decor perfectly! One man’s trash is another mans treasure right? In my case yes, although Chris sometimes gets mad at all the “junk” I bring home. Whatever. He doesn’t know all the money I’m saving him! And honestly, I really do have a great eye for things.

Anyway, here is the one of the things Betsey gave the girls… the cutest little dress coat. Bailey wore it on Easter to find eggs at my parent’s house (Abbie I promise I will get those pictures up soon!).

Thanks Betsey!


If you ever have things you’re throwing away, remember I like them torn up and rusty!

who is your oldest friend?

I know everyone has old friends. Some maybe from high school, or even grade school, or maybe even preschool. But I have a friend that goes back to the womb. Our mom’s were pregnant together and we were even baptised on the same day at Emmanuel (where we attend today). I think our friendship was cemented, however, when my parents had a Halloween party for all the Emmanuel kids. I think we were 4 or 5 and Betsy got so excited she wet her pants (maybe it was the apple bob or the push the egg on the carpet with your nose, I don’t know). I know this is a fact because we actually have a photo of Betsy in my clothes and her mom holding a bundle… her wet Halloween costume.

I’m thinking about Betsy today for two reasons, 1. because Parker gets baptised this weekend at Emmanuel and 2. because as I craft tonight I’m listening to The Indigo Girls on my MAC. Betsy and I lived together for a while before I was married and I think we listened to the Indigo Girls non-stop. There was one CD in particular that was just on repeat for weeks. You have to just love them.

Thinking about her makes me wonder if any of the girl’s little friends, especially the ones from church, will be bridesmaids in their weddings or borrow their clothes when they get a little too excited. There is one little girl, Ellen, who is Bailey’s age from church. We had a playdate with them yesterday and Bails had a great time. She said “Ellen, play” the whole way home. There are a million and one things I wish for my girls lives, but one of them is definitely good, long friendships. It’s comforting to have people around that knew you when.

Unfortunately Betsy and I don’t talk as much as we used to, she has a busy life in Chicago and we have one here, but I know that when we see each other it will be just like we’re 8 years old again. She will always be my friend and I treasure that.

learning photoshop

I’ve started playing around with Photoshop and here’s my best one yet…

This is the original photo:


Notice the house in the trees on the left and the two trailers on the right.

Now, I’m not great at this yet, but I’m learning and like I said, so far this is my best attempt!

Photo changed in Photoshop:


Let me know what you think!

And if you KNOW Photoshop, I will gladly accept advice on how to make it better!

Ok Abbie

I talked to my sister tonight and she really really wanted me to get the Easter photo album up… so it’s up. Although I haven’t finished editing the photos from my parents house yet. Maybe tomorrow I will get those done and added to the album. I’ll let you know when it’s updated.

I hope this makes Aunt Abbie happy! :)

Also, in sticking to my guns and making myself cook more, I made a chicken and rice casserole tonight for dinner. I liked it and my dad stopped by right as we were going to eat so he stayed and liked it also! That’s huge b/c my mom caters, so he eats her amazing cooking daily. Thanks for the vote of confidence dad!