so little time

It’s almost 10pm and I have so much to share that I know most of it will have to wait until tomorrow b/c I’m too tired to write about everything right now. But I’ll do as much as I can…

First, just had to share Uncle Matthew’s gift to Parker last weekend at her baptism.
Can you believe he bought and used pink and gold puffy paint? That’s love I tell you. In case you can’t read it, it says, “Bless my Uncle and I”.

So Bailey is still sick. Hasn’t thrown up since Friday, but now has this horrible cough that’s keeping her up at night. It dawned on me that just cleaning up AFTER her maybe wasn’t killing all the germs, so yesterday I had a mini freak out and I bleached everything I could get my hands on. Hands that are now raw and hurt. I worked upstairs in the girl’s playroom and bedroom. Every plastic toy that could be soaked got thrown in the tub with bleach and everything else I scrubbed with Clorox spray and then Lysoled.


The bleach bath


Bailey lately loves to “help momma” so I gave her a clean paper towel and she “cleaned” every puzzle piece from every puzzle in the playroom! Those pieces are still in a basket and are my last bleach bath items. Hopefully now we’ve gotten all the germs out of here!

Last thing as the typing is keeping C up, just wanted to share my latest scrapbook page. If you read this, you will remember me mentioning I wanted to paint with brown last week. I ended up painting brown on black paper and then decided to scrap it. This is unlike any page I’ve ever made b/c there are absolutely no products (ribbon, brads, etc.) included, just paper, pen and photos. The title and journaling are obviously hand done, torn and inked. The photos where sanded and then inked. So simple but one of my favorite pages so far.


You’ll have to let me know what you think.

And that my friends, is all I have for tonight. Tomorrow look for the most amazing photos from today and also I actually documented the laundry shuffle…before, middle and end. It’s quite a display. And I finally took photos today of the completed porch. So hopefully I’ll have time for a million photo post tomorrow!

I hope you all had great weekends! Shots for Parker await us at 8:15am tomorrow morning, what a way to start a Monday!

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