I feel like I write these super dramatic, sleep deprived posts and then don’t follow up right away to tell you everything’s ok. So in case you are wondering, everything is ok.

Last night Parker AND Bailey slept throught the night with Parker only calling out for a paci fix only a couple of times. And yours truly went to bed at 8:30pm! So minus a few small intrusions, I slept for 9 hours! Simply amazing and truly wonderful. I needed that, my body needed that and my soul needed that sleep.

Quick side note: I haven’t watched LOST this season b/c it was too intense and involved for me, but Wed night there was nothing else on so I watched the whole three hours of it. Getting caught up the 1 hour and then the 2 hour season finale. Anyway, it was good I thought! It made me want to rent the DVD when it comes out! Does anyone watch that show?

So this week we had family in town, my Godparents and two of their three sons. It has been so great to hang out with them the last few days! Yesterday we all went to Grant’s Farm and it couldn’t have been more perfect!
The whole gang: David, Daniel, Me, Bailey, Mom, Aunt Ouisie, Parker, Aunt Vera

Bailey and Daniel feeding the baby goats… notice that she’s crying and has a death grip on his arm while her mom ignores her and keeps taking photos! Don’t worry, I picked her up right after a few shots and proceeded to have the end of one of my shoe laces eaten off! Those goats will eat anything!

Parker had a blast just watching everything from the stroller!

Bailey and I got to pet the camels… for some reason I thought that was really cool

Right now I’m obsessed with “walking away” photos. They are so real and so now to me. Her chubby little legs, holding on for support, walking away from mom and into the world by herself… it’s Bailey NOW, and I love it.

The night before Grant’s Farm we had dinner with everyone at my parents and while mom was cooking up a storm, some of us walked across the street to feed the ducks.

I love this photo b/c David AND Daniel had to grab Bailey as she tried to touch the baby geese! I love it when people parent my child while I’m busy with the camera! :)

Doesn’t this just scream LOVE? I love love LOVE this photo!

And then to round out my excitng life that I know you are all dying to hear every detail about, last night we had C’s JV soccer team over for dinner. Yes, that’s right. In one day we went to Grant’s Farm and had 20 girls over for dinner! Thank goodness the oven broke so we had to order pizza. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t have cooked anyway! :)

Aren’t they cute?

I love girls. I thought of this photo idea, suggested it, and they were ALL up for it! Bailey cried b/c I think she thought I was trapped as I laid on the ground beneath all the girls, but I got the shot and that’s what counts right? Are we noticing a theme in my life? Ignore child, take photo. I swear I’m a good mom. I swear!

Ok, just had to end with what I just heard. Sesame Street was ending and as Elmo’s world was singing it’s goodbye song I heard Bailey say, “bye bye, I love you (i wuv wu)” It made me smile and laugh inside. She has such a sweet little heart. If I had time I would sit down right now and 1. journal about that moment and 2. scrapbook it. But alas, Parker is stirring upstairs from her nap and I hear Bailey changing the channels.

Have a great Friday everybody!

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