Don’t you love Saturday’s? There’s just something about them that makes it ok to stay in your pjs all day and just play. And at the end of the day when you’ve gotten little done in the productive department, it just doesn’t matter b/c it’s Saturday and you can always get it done tomorrow. We had a good day doing not much of anything. Chris took Bailey and went running this morning while Parker and I tackled some laundry. The only bad part of today was the lack of napping that went on, causing one little 22 month old to be very crabby this afternoon, but even that didn’t bother me too much b/c it’s Saturday! Tonight we had my parents over for dinner… they were working in the yard all day and didn’t want to cook, and we needed food to cook! So we used their food and did the cooking for all of us. It’s getting harder to figure out what to cook with no stove or oven (it’s still sparking and we need to get it fixed), so we had burgers on the grill, grilled potatoes (so good!), corn on the cob in the microwave and watermelon. It was great and our first official night to eat on the porch!

Wanted to include a few photos from today, just b/c I can.


Bailey has decided that climbing on mommy is really really fun. I have bruises on my legs from both of them, but we were having fun just wrestling around! Actually, Bailey was dancing with Parker to one of her shows!


I love my girls so much!

So in that last photo, look at Parker’s hair line… see how blond it is? She is totally losing her dark hair and I’m fairly certain she’s going blond. Can you imagine those big blue eyes and blond hair? Too cute.

I finished those 400 cards and will post photos tomorrow. Until then, good night!

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