Don’t you love those moments when your kids are trying something for the first time? The first time they color, their first steps, or the first time they sit on the potty. What’s so great about “first moments” is that they always make for great photos!

Tonight Bailey ate watermelon slices for the first time. She’s had it cut-up before, but never (that I can remember) as a whole slice, and of course it was adorable!


See? I told you she loved it! And I also told you it made for cute photos!

My favorite? That you can totally see that her eyes are different colors… left=blue, right=hazel. Love that.


She even shared with Daddy!


And of course I couldn’t forget Parker, who was a mess herself after dinner!

In other news I finally made myself sit down and just scrap tonight. The last few weeks I’ve been so tired I haven’t done much in the way of scrapbooking, for myself at least. So tonight it felt amazing to get a page done, and even more amazing is that I’m really happy with it. I found the quote and it was just SO Bailey.


I hope that you all had great Memorial Day weekends!

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