we did it!

Or Parker did it, or I’m sort of convinced Llywelyn’s did it.

Last night Parker slept from 8pm – 7am!!! YAHOO! Now of course I didn’t go to sleep until 12:30am trying to stay awake for that middle of the night wake up. She did fuss around 1:30am but a paci did the trick and that was all we heard until 7am. I can’t believe it. And she took a great morning nap! She’s sleeping now also, but I think this is just a quick nap, although who knows.

So I don’t know what was different except that we went to dinner with the Smith’s (great new friends!) and stayed at Llywelyn’s longer than expected so we didn’t get home until 7:40pm. Then after a bottle and jammies, she didn’t go down until about 8pm. So that’s about an hour and a half later than normal, but she did fall asleep for a little while at the restaurant. I don’t know what it is about that place, but it put me into labor with her and now it’s taught her to sleep. From now on when we’re having trouble with her we’re heading straight to the calming booth at Llywelyn’s!

She also FINALLY cut her first tooth! YAHOO again! It’s her bottom left and the right one is so close. So many great changes over night!

Bailey gets home tomorrow and I miss her SO much! I miss her little voice and the sound of her feet running constantly around the house. Her hugs and putting her to bed too. All of her really.

C’s doing an amazing job in the yard today and I’m tackling inside projects. So I’d better get back to our productive Sunday, just had to share the news that our lives have potentially changed! I won’t count it as changed officially until she’s sleeping every night like that, but one down is a huge deal! Thanks for all your prayers, I know they helped too… it couldn’t have been ALL Llylwelyn’s! :)

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