Is it possible that I have TWO sick kids??? It can’t be. God is just joking around and when I walk back into the room Parker won’t have a fever and runny nose and neither will Bailey.

Nope, still sick. I checked.

They really aren’t that sick, but they are sick, and that’s all I care about. What is it about these kids that someone always seems sick??? Man!

Actually, I have to say that Parker slept awesome last night, even with not feeling well, so I don’t have much to complain about. And even though they’re both sick, they are both being so good today.

Parker is napping right now and Bailey and I were doing art projects. She’s still in there working away with markers, stickers and water colors so I’d better head back. Just had to hop on here and get my blog fix. Next I need my Mountain Dew fix! :) Have a good day!

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