to get healthy=to run=wet?

Lately I’ve been running for three reasons, 1. I’m starting to gain all my baby weight back 2. I’m inspired by my studly husband who’s been running a lot and 3. my mom got me these new amazing shoes.Img_2494
And do you love the pink socks? They support the Susan Komen Race and I love that you can see the pink through the shoes! While we’re looking at shoes, check out Bailey’s new shoes too!

Good thing I had them measure her feet b/c she was a size and a half bigger than the shoes she’s been wearing! I won’t mention that MY feet were an entire size larger also. Damn pregnancies.

See that cute chair? Post brought that over for Bails the other night, thanks Post!!!

Anyway, so I’ve been running lately after dinner, baths, bedtime and chores. I try to hit the streets while it’s still light and before I’ve started a craft project. Tonight there was thunder rumbling, but it’d been doing that for hours so I ignored it and went out anyway. Big, yet fun, mistake.


Notice how wet I am? (Please don’t notice the cleavage shot! Sports bras do that to me, I wasn’t trying to be a sexy runner I swear!) Isn’t getting caught in the rain fun? When it’s summer and hot weather that is. I’ve been caught before in cold weather and I think I cried the whole way home that time. This time I jumped in puddles, walked a little, sprinted a little and just overall enjoyed myself! It’s like the adult version of running through the sprinkler. If only there was a slip n’ slide included I would have been in heaven!

I tried taking a pic of the rain drops, but it didn’t turn out great:


Oh well, trust me, it was raining! Hard.

I’m working on some scrappage tonight. Love that. Go create!

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