a perfect mess.

Today was not unlike any other day really, except for some reason the messes were just simply driving me crazy. I can be sort of a neat freak about some things (like moping and vacuuming once or twice a day) and so on a daily basis I have to give myself a break when it comes to dealing with two little girls who create huge messes. But then there are days that I just can’t cope with all the mess and quietly berate myself for having a messy house. On those days I slowly but diliberately get more and more depressed about the state my house is in until I just want to lie down and ignore all of it. Today however, I realized something.

This morning Bailey accidently dumped an entire cup of yogurt on the floor (mop), then while I was getting dressed she had a poopy diaper that she decided to put her hands in while playing with her kitchen (scrub Bailey and soak every plastic kitchen toy in bleach), and to top off the day she knocked her entire plate of dinner on the floor (mop again). By that point I had had it and threw them both in the tub (I did make her a new dinner first!). As I was on my hands and knees cleaning up the dinner mess I kept my eye on the girls in the tub and as I watched them, tears sprung to my eyes and I was ovecome with emotion.

There, in the tub, Bailey was “swimming” back and forth and every time she came close to Parker she kissed her. Parker sat there expectantly and “kissed” her right back. It was the sweetest, most amazing display of sisterly love that I have ever witnessed and it brought me to tears.

It was that moment that I realized that life is just messy. But in the midst of the mess you can raise beautiful and loving children. Bailey didn’t care that I was on my hands and kness scouring the kitchen floor and Parker could care less how many times a day I do the dishes or laundry. Not that I will let my house become a pigsty (and not that I’m saying my house is perfect by ANY means), but I will try from now on to make a conscious choice between cleaning and spending time with my girls. Tonight I put down the mop and picked up my kids.

I encourage you to do the same. Lay down the chore and lift up your loved ones.


[photo taken tonight after bath]

and on that note, good night.

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