i don’t know.

Have you ever seen Bill Cosby’s comedy routine? Bill Cosby Himself is what it’s called I think. Anyway, C and I used to watch it every day at his house during senior year lunch in high school. By the end of that year we had it memorized and ever since then, certain lines from that show have been inside jokes between us. We quote different parts on a regular basis. I’ve never had any part of that show play out in my real life as perfect as it did just now however.

I was in here checking email, Bailey and Parker were playing in the living room (Bailey has become re-obsessed with her flash cards and as a proud mom will tell you that she knows “rectangle” and “octagon”) and C was in the kitchen. I heard Bailey say “apple” but figured it was on her cards. 5 minutes or so later I go in there and she is eating a BROWN half-eaten apple. C walked in at the same time and I asked him where he got an apple from b/c I knew we were out of them. He said he didn’t give it to her. Of course I looked at him like he was crazy b/c I knew I didn’t give it to her either. He said it more emphatically and so I turned to her and asked, “Bailey, where did you get the apple from?” She looked at me with wide innocent eyes, then looked down and said, “I don’t know.”

Now if you have never seen Bill Cosby Himself this will mean nothing to you, but there is a part in there when his son has a backwards mowhawk and he asks him why he got his hair cut. His son answers, “I don’t know.” It goes on and on and ends with Bill asking him, “Son, was your head with you all day today?”

I asked her 3 times where the apple came from and each time she answered with “I don’t know”.

She has never lied to me before! She is officially a kid and it scares me! Although I have to say that with her second “I don’t know”, C had me cracking up b/c he was quoting Cosby.

“Bailey, was your head with you all day today?”

NOTE: Bailey had an apple last night on a walk and we figure she stashed it and found it today. Gross, yes. I don’t think it will kill her though.

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