I am inspired by a million and one things on a daily basis, and a lot of what inspires me I find on the internet, so I thought I would share…

1. just found this 15 year old scrapper and am AMAZED!

2. As soon as I have extra money I am buying these…love the idea!

3. This artist is not a scrapbooker which is why I love her stuff… it makes me think outside the box.

4. When I have extra time I am starting a whole mini album with THIS as the inspiration.

5. Love her… what I used to imagine Abbie would turn out like!


So last night I didn’t have my camera but I had my parents point-and-shoot digital. I was taking photos b/c Bailey was being cute (she took her chair under the easel after bathtime and was reading books!)


and funny when she begged for the camera.


She always wants to hold mine, but it’s too big and heavy for her. Because my parents is small and light, I gave her a chance. I showed her where the button was and how she could look at the back to see what was in front of her. Anyway, I will admit I edited the photos (meaning I may have cropped a little, adjusted the light or turned it b/w), but she still got amazing shots and I have to share them! She will be famous one day! :)


this one is my favorite:


her thumb!

Wasn’t that amazing? I mean seriously. So proud.

Flipped our mattress today and changed all the linens, can’t wait to go to bed! Off to finish chores so that bed can happen soon. Until later…

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