Just wanted to tell you that I updated the album “Latest Favorites” if you want to check out some new photos. Some you’ve seen. Although one of my new favorites is from today… on the way home from church they fell asleep, both of them (which never happens), and I luckily had my parents camera with me to capture the moment. My favorite shots to take and then of course scrap, are the ones that tell a story. This one definitely does that!

[once you're in the album, you can click on a photo and it will become bigger and show you the description]

The summer is over for the Allen family as C has to be at Webster either working on classes or coaching every day from here on out. We’ll still have some afternoon pool time together, and weekends (besides Sat practice), but essentially he’s back to work and I’m in the midst of coming up with our new schedule. Trying to balance my work, baby sitting for the girls so I can work, being a mom, keeping a nice house, clean clothes, etc. is hard for me most of the time. So this fall I’m working on a very strict schedule for us three Allen girls to follow, which will hopefully allow me to accomplish everything that’s on my never ending TODO list. I’ll let you know how it goes! :)

Time to get moving onto my next task. Army Wives tonight (Abbie are you watching or did you Tivo it?)! Get ready for Monday!

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