waiting for fall.


hit up the Hobby Lobby fall decor sale with mom, abbie and the girls… love that it’s july and they have the autumn things on sale to make way for christmas (which is already out). buying things in orange, yellow and green made me crave fall. can’t wait to take my girls to the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins, take millions of photos with pumpkins, etc. i can’t wait for wghs football, taking the girls to daddy’s soccer games, raking leaves to jump in, cool nights and warm days, sweatshirts, etc. can you tell the heat and humidity is getting to me?

took aunt abbie and uncle chris to tot time at the pool but it was sort of a failure… big slide closed, clouds and COLD water. we’re going tomorrow so i hope it will be better!

CHRIS IS FINISHED WITH SCHOOL! he had his last class today and aside from some homework due next week he’s done! i am beyond proud of him for completing this horrible schedule. now it’s straight into wesbter to work on curriculum for this year and into soccer which starts in a week! our life never slows down.

parker is eating REAL food. last night she ate mac n cheese and green beans with bailey. most went on the floor i think, but she swallowed some hopefully. here ya go:


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