all children are born artists…

I was reading a blog just now as my way to relax after getting the girls in bed and before the onslaught of chores and my todo list started and came across the most amazing man I’ve ever heard speak.

Please. Please, take 20 minutes out of your life and listen TO THIS.

At about minute 12, I started crying. At minute 17.43 I cried harder.

When I was in second grade we did a project about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said ARTIST. I was 8, and until now, that is the last time I KNEW what I wanted to do with my life. Isn’t that sad? That as a child I knew KNEW what was in my heart and what God wanted for my life, but school teaches you that you can’t be an artist or a singer or an actor, that you need math and science and english to succeed. Sir Ken Robinson talks about how education today is literally driving the creativity out of children. And I whole heartedly agree.

He tells a story about a choreographer, who as a little girl of 8 her teacher called her mother and said she had a learning disability. This was in the 1930′s. Her mother took her to a specialist who sat and listened to the mother tell him everything the little girl was doing wrong in school. The little girl sat on her hands, trying not to fidget, and listened to her mother talk about everything she did wrong. When the mother was finished the doctor told the little girl that he needed to talk to her mother in private, turned on the radio and he and the mother left the room. He then made the mother stand there and watch as her little girl stood up and started moving to the music. He said, “your daughter is not sick, she is a dancer. take her to a dance school.” She did and that little girl is responsible for the choreography of Cats! She is a multimillionaire b/c her mother took her to school that solely taught dance. Today, that doctor would have told her mother she had ADHD and put her on drugs.

He said during his talk, “All children are born artists, the trick is to stay an artist as you grow up.” (or something like that)

I just can’t tell you how amazing this speaker was and I pray that you all go and listen. Especially if you are a parent, grand parents, teacher, or anyone else that deals with children on a daily basis. This will (hopefully) make you rethink how and to what you push your children.

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