all natural girl

Most days you will find me with my hair in a ponytail or knot on the top of my head with no make-up and in sweats. I can’t help it. I have two babies that are constantly oozing something on me and I have always liked to be comfortable. I will admit, that it’s not all the girl’s fault b/c I have never been one to wear lots of make-up and high heels. It’s just not me.

So although you see me natural most of the time, it’s a very rare thing for people to see me ALL natural.

Well folks, here I AM.



Hi. My name is Jodie and I have curly hair. Bailey does come by it naturally. I’ve always hated my hair. HATED. my. hair. But in the last 5 years or so I’ve come to accept it, if not actually like it. I just never take the time to leave it down, but today Parker decided to nap for 2 hours this morning and I just let it dry without pulling it up.

So here I am. In all my glory. Curly hair. No make-up. Overalls.

Have a great day and go natural for once!

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