can’t put it down.

I am a compulsive reader, which is why since I had children I only allow myself to read magazines so that I can start and finish them quickly. But then every once in a while I NEED a book. Something to really delve into and get lost in. The problem is, once that happens, I usually go on a reading rampage and inhale book after book after book.

So I started last week with an Usborne title: Everest Adventures. Totally great, even though it is designed for kids. It gives all the horrible details of the first summit attempts. A great history even if you’ve read Krakauer’s, Into Thin Air.

Anyway, then I got some books from my mom and I CAN’T PUT THIS ONE DOWN!

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

It’s awesome. A look at a world I know nothing about and for some reason I am facinated by this story.

Trying to stay cool curently as the temp today hit 106! Off to have a snack, put off my to do list and READ!

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