Just wanted to mention that I finally got a few of my designs up on the jodified site, so go check them out and let me know what you think!


Christmas is coming! I know in the 90 degree heat it doesn’t seem like it, but it is and will be here before we know it. What is the biggest pain in the BUTT during the holidays? Aside from dealing with family and spending too much money on presents and gaining weight? CHRISTMAS CARDS!

How about this?

Let me take photos of your family and then design a ONE OF A KIND Christmas card for you! Then you’ll have amazing photos to print and frame as gifts for your family and an incredible Christmas card to wow your address list! Please email me if you are interested!!!


Chris is sick in bed with a fever and stomach issues. Kuhn reunion this afternoon. Our power finally came on last night so now I need to grocery shop for essentials that got thrown out of the rotting fridge. Laundry since I got NONE done the last two days with no power. Help mom and dad if they need anything. Post on here the photos of their destroyed trees/house/street from the storm. Make lots of Usborne calls.

Spreaking of USBORNE.

My incentive period ends on Sept 19th, so if you are REMOTELY interested in hosting a party (eShow or home show), please contact me NOW b/c after the 19th I can’t offer DOUBLE FREE BOOKS to my hostesses! An eShow especially is easy so don’t waste time! Check out my Usborne Page on here to get to my website.

Have a great Sunday! Last day of summer around here! Get out and enjoy LIFE!

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