Sorry, I got distracted tonight and didn’t get my latest scrap layouts put up here. And although I’m sitting here listening to Parker “cry it out” I’m too tired to load all of the photos. Got a great start on Bailey’s 2nd birthday scrapbook tonight… basically have created layouts for each page and now just need to go back with some details. And had an unexpected phone call from Jess in Honduras! It’s always so wonderful to get to talk to her, which is rare b/c I’ve never figured out international calling or the internet phone. Talking to her reminds me why she’s my friend even though the times I see her are so few and far between! She’s an amazing woman and if you don’t know anything about her, go check out her blog b/c what she’s doing with her life is incredible. GO HERE to read more about her!

Ok, so I think Parker has figured out she IS NOT getting a bottle right now as she’s quieting down (I say as I knock on wood!). When Bailey was in the hospital a while back and was up all night so sick, we got in the {BAD} habit of feeding Parker to get her back to sleep. Of course those bad habits die hard, but lately she’s not only waking up once, it’s more like two or even three times. I’ve had it. So tonight is the night I’m forcing her to go cold turkey. If you think this is mean, it is, but with my sleep deprevation all I can see is the light (or warm covers and cozy bed) at the end of the tunnel.

If tonight goes as bad as I expect, I may have time to post the photos around 1am! :)

And just b/c she finally is quiet (this round only took me going upstairs once and tears for about 15 minutes! Not bad!) I will share her new “face” with you. It’s too cute and makes us laugh every time she does it…



The best is that she grunts while making this face too! Good night for now!

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