elsie contest.

I’ve never done this before, but Elsie posted a challenge on her blog yesterday and I decided to take it. The challenge was to make a list of things to do before your next birthday, so mine should have been 27 things to do before turning 28. With two little girls and not much spare time, I knew I would fail if I wrote things that I actually would love to accomplish, so I made a different sort of list. I made a list of 10 wishes for my girls. Then I created a layout with those 10 things listed. It was so much fun to sit last night, play and create while thinking of all the amazing things I want for their lives.

I’m hoping to get back on here tonight and post some other layouts I’ve finished recently… we’ll see how tired I am considering I’m working on about 2 hours of sleep right now!





In case you can’t read the wishes…

1. that you’ll always be able to color outside the lines
2. a sense of adventure even greater than your daddy’s
3. that you find love deep enough you’re willing to hang on to it during the tough times
4. true friends, old friends, best friends, girl friends
5. that you find your passion and are brave enough to pursue it
6. the ability to laugh at yourself
7. a love of learning
8. the understanding that family is forever and the bond of sisterhood is stronger than all others
9. that you find joy in everyday and appreciate the details
10. that you love God first and foremost.

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