even if you told me I won the lottery, this day couldn’t get any better!

OMGosh, where do I begin???

Dropped off two cranky sick kids to my parents at 8am, who (God bless them) are keeping them for two days and one night to give us a BREAK!

Got to the Katy Trail around 10am (will post photos and more details later). Biked about 25 miles, from Weldon Springs to Augusta. By 2pm when we got back home we were exhausted, dusty, hot (it’s 96 here today!) but in great moods b/c we had such an amazing time reconnecting on the trail.

I sat down here ready to edit the photos from the day while C showered, just happy and seriously in love with my life when I checked emails and saw the comment from Kal.

You would have thought that Oprah or Martha or some other very VERY famous person that I love LOVE had personally walked in my house and told me they liked me, read my blog and liked my photos by the way I screamed.

I literally couldn’t stop screaming! Thank goodness the girls weren’t home or they would have thought mommy was off her rocker! KAL BARTESKI READS MY BLOG! Not only that, she saved BAILEY’S little voice onto her computer! AND she said she LIKES my photos! OMGosh!

Let me stop here for a moment before you think I really have lost it and explain something.

Every day to veg out or release steam or just relax I sit down at my MAC and surf my favorite blogs. Reading about other women’s lives just makes me happy. I know that sounds strange, but I find more inspriation in the artist’s blogs I read then most other places in the world. And other mom blogs I read help me understand that I’m not alone in struggling to balance it all. When you are a stay at home mom most of the time, it can get a little lonely, and it’s nice to feel connected to other women in the same boat.

Anyway, Kal is one that I read simply for inspiration. She is truly amazing and everything that I am NOT! I’ve always wanted to be a fine artist and I just don’t have that talent. Seeing her paintings, chalk drawings, etc. make me happy and inspire me to get out of my box and experiment.

But the key here is that I READ HER BLOG TO GET INSPIRED, I never, not in a million years, would have thought or even dreamed that she stopped by here occasionally to see what I was writing about! It really was like Martha Stewart walked in my house and said she liked my decorations and loved how organized I am!

Isn’t it amazing how God works sometimes? Just when you really need a boost, He gives you one. By Kal leaving a comment on this little blog, read mainly by family and friends, she was able to make my already amazing day, simply perfect.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately in ways that I’ve been trying to figure out how to even articulate. What it basically comes down to, is that I have been waiting for 10 years to realize what I want to do with my life and now that I’ve found it, I don’t have time or money to actively pursue it. As most of you know, I never graduated college b/c I simply didn’t know what to do or which major to pick. I bounced around and got bad grades for long enough before I just quit. I then put all of my time and passion into lacrosse, which at the time I thought was my true passion. I coached, played, sold lax equipment, ran leagues and camps. Then Chris and I got married, I had kids, I started scrapbooking, I got better at photography and suddenly I found these deep pockets of creativity that had been waiting to be released. The kicker is that having babies somehow unlocked my true creativity, but having kids is keeping me from being able to pursue my dreams. It’s the ultimate catch-22. So recently I have forced myself to settle down, make goals for myself for the next 5 years and have come to understand that God wants me to be a mom first and artist second. So slowly I will pursue my dreams and career, but in the mean time I’m going to concentrate on raising amazing girls.

All of this is to say that someday I hope to make as much of a difference in someone’s life as artists like Kal Barteski have made in mine. One dream of mine is to someday know that complete strangers are reading this blog to be inspired by what I’m doing, and today a little piece of that dream came true! Not only is a stranger reading this, it’s someone that I respect and admire as a wife/soon-to-be-mommy/artist.

Thank you Kal, for stopping, commenting, and changing my life! Your kind words made a part of my heart smile today that no one has ever touched before.

Again, I love life! I LOVE LIFE! Today was so amazing that every time I think about it, I will smile and probably giggle, just a little, at how truly wonderful my life is!Img_3596

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