I don’t how you feel about music, but for me it literally defines my life. I can tell you the exact song I listened to when I had my first break up, when my friend died, when I got engaged, when I quit school, when I became a momma. Music moves me, almost more than art does. Actually, they are one and the same. I can trace my art with what was going on in my life just as I can music.

All of this to say, when I heard this song, and heard this news, I knew I had found music to match this moment. And so, because of this, it’s all I’ve been listening to the last few days! Bailey can sing along now! SO PLEASE, listen FIRST and then read on…

Download 12_capri_1.mp3

Are you worried I’m pregnant AGAIN? I know, I should have warned you this wasn’t about me. Get off the floor from where you fell off your chair and read on!

MY SISTER IS HAVING A BABY! Oh yes, I’m going to be an AUNT and Bailey and Parker will have a COUSIN! We’ve known for a couple of weeks but I was sworn to secrecy! And Abbie, I swear I only told a few people! :)

We couldn’t be happier for Abbie and Chris! YAHOO! New Life! New Parents! A true MIRACLE!

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