more tomorrow.

Yesterday Oakland, Missouri got hit with a tornado. Now I know the weather and news stations aren’t exactly saying that, but trust me, it HAD TO HAVE BEEN A TORNADO! Anyway, I have tons of photos that I’m too tired to upload, but listen to this:

We had no power from yesterday at 3 pm until today at 3 pm. No big deal. My parents had FOUR trees fall, one window EXPLODE due to wind, one sky light shatter from a tree falling on the house, a transformer crash in the street next to their house, 3 holes in the roof, and right now, as we speak, there are numerous fire engines/gas people/Ameren UE people/police outside their home b/c when the electric company drilled a hole in the street to put in the new pole/transformer to get their power back on, they HIT a 4 inch wide GAS LINE! There is gas shooting into the air right now two block from here. I also have photos of this, but again, too tired.

I will give you the whole story tomorrow, after we survive the Kuhn Reunion (my family). Say a prayer for my parents that everything is fixed by tomorrow.

Good night!

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