no barriers.

Apparently there was some kind of huge storm last night that kept my parents awake but the Allen family slept right through it. I guess lack of sleep leads to really deep sleep… so maybe that’s the plus side of no sleep? hmmm… Anyway, when we woke up we had a branch on our porch and our white picket fence out front is laying over. Or almost over. It’s pretty shaky anyway, but it was cute (fits the house perfectly) and if nothing else, a visual barrier for the girls that they should not go out into the street. Now we almost have no fence (unless my not-so fix-it husband decides to try to fix it somehow, or beg his father-in-law to come look at it) which means no barriers.

I found THIS on Kal Barteski’s website a while back and thought of it when I saw the fence just leaning this morning. She says, “be without barriers.” I like that thought. I think I live a lot like that. I’m honest and open, I have a blog, for one! But sometimes I just think a little bit of a barrier is a good thing. Like when you live on a busy street and have two babies. With a simple gust of wind, a little piece of my security was taken away with the toppling of our fence. SO I guess we need to FIX IT!

Yeah, I’ll get on that today!

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