oh my sore bottom

So 25 miles riding bikes for the first time in years leads to a very sore bottom! My bones down there are just bruised!

But even the pain doesn’t take an ounce away from this amazing day! Which ended, I might add, with dinner at an incredible steak restaurant (Citizen Kane’s) and now in bed early so we can get as much sleep as possible with the girls away!

Neither of us have ever been on the Katy Trail and now we’re in love. We want to ride the whole thing someday sleeping at the bed and breakfasts along the way. It’s beautiful, simply beautiful. Because I’m in such a happy glow I don’t even know what else to say about it! Basically, Chris and I just had 4 incredible hours to talk and reconnect. I even said to him at one point that today made me remember how much I love him and exactly why I married him. Minus the stress of life and kids and everything, at the root we are great friends and love spending time together. Enjoy the photos!Img_3562





ps…thanks Tracy and Joel for the bikes! We’ll wash the dust off and return them soon!

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