I just LOVE babies. Chris keeps telling me that we’re “done”, and although 99% of me agrees with him, that 1% is holding out strong for #3 someday. I just love how tiny they are and how perfect.

This morning I got the pleasure of photographing my friend Lisa’s new baby girl. What a BEAUTY! Her hair is my absolute favorite thing in the whole world! Go check out the Jodified Designs blog and there are more amazing shots in the BABIES section.


I have a big project I’m working on tonight and am getting a late start, so this is all for tonight.

all natural girl

Most days you will find me with my hair in a ponytail or knot on the top of my head with no make-up and in sweats. I can’t help it. I have two babies that are constantly oozing something on me and I have always liked to be comfortable. I will admit, that it’s not all the girl’s fault b/c I have never been one to wear lots of make-up and high heels. It’s just not me.

So although you see me natural most of the time, it’s a very rare thing for people to see me ALL natural.

Well folks, here I AM.



Hi. My name is Jodie and I have curly hair. Bailey does come by it naturally. I’ve always hated my hair. HATED. my. hair. But in the last 5 years or so I’ve come to accept it, if not actually like it. I just never take the time to leave it down, but today Parker decided to nap for 2 hours this morning and I just let it dry without pulling it up.

So here I am. In all my glory. Curly hair. No make-up. Overalls.

Have a great day and go natural for once!

all children are born artists…

I was reading a blog just now as my way to relax after getting the girls in bed and before the onslaught of chores and my todo list started and came across the most amazing man I’ve ever heard speak.

Please. Please, take 20 minutes out of your life and listen TO THIS.

At about minute 12, I started crying. At minute 17.43 I cried harder.

When I was in second grade we did a project about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said ARTIST. I was 8, and until now, that is the last time I KNEW what I wanted to do with my life. Isn’t that sad? That as a child I knew KNEW what was in my heart and what God wanted for my life, but school teaches you that you can’t be an artist or a singer or an actor, that you need math and science and english to succeed. Sir Ken Robinson talks about how education today is literally driving the creativity out of children. And I whole heartedly agree.

He tells a story about a choreographer, who as a little girl of 8 her teacher called her mother and said she had a learning disability. This was in the 1930′s. Her mother took her to a specialist who sat and listened to the mother tell him everything the little girl was doing wrong in school. The little girl sat on her hands, trying not to fidget, and listened to her mother talk about everything she did wrong. When the mother was finished the doctor told the little girl that he needed to talk to her mother in private, turned on the radio and he and the mother left the room. He then made the mother stand there and watch as her little girl stood up and started moving to the music. He said, “your daughter is not sick, she is a dancer. take her to a dance school.” She did and that little girl is responsible for the choreography of Cats! She is a multimillionaire b/c her mother took her to school that solely taught dance. Today, that doctor would have told her mother she had ADHD and put her on drugs.

He said during his talk, “All children are born artists, the trick is to stay an artist as you grow up.” (or something like that)

I just can’t tell you how amazing this speaker was and I pray that you all go and listen. Especially if you are a parent, grand parents, teacher, or anyone else that deals with children on a daily basis. This will (hopefully) make you rethink how and to what you push your children.

sleep! we’re sleeping! we’re ALL sleeping!

As I write this my foot, fingers that aren’t typing and everything else I can move on my body is knocking on wood b/c I don’t want to jinx this, BUT…


I haven’t been mentioning this lately b/c sleep issues is what this entire blog could be about, but then everyone would be bored to tears, so I try not to obsess about it too much. However, I have to talk about it NOW.

So last week I just had HAD it! I was so tired of waking up all the time. And really, Chris is the one who would go feed her, but I was awake and he was awake and both of us were just fairly crabby all the time. The problem being, that I knew we had to go through MORE nights of even LESS sleep to get to the ultimate prize. But finally, we just buckled down and DID IT! So the last week or so we haven’t been feeding her and I would stay awake to check on her every 15 minutes or so until she put herself back to sleep and the endless screaming subsided. Since we began it was at LEAST an hour, if not 2 of crying, and then last night, NOTHING. Not a sound, not a peep, nothing. I woke with a start around 5am, hit Chris and demanded to know what time it was, b/c it COULD NOT be morning! But it was and we were so blissfully happy for the next half an hour until they both woke up. :)

Anyway, tonight may be back to screaming, but we’re not giving up b/c we’ve tasted the prize! We’ve seen the pot of gold at the end of this nightmare and we’re not going back!



And YEAH for Parker!

i heart flickr.

Have you heard of Flickr? It’s a great AMAZING photo sharing site that I’m slowly falling in love with. You can get lost on there searching for photos. Just came across this very cool and very fun way to play with Flickr! You just type in a word and it gives you the letters for it, and if you don’t like a certain letter, you just click on the one they gave you and it will change until you like the look! I seriously could do this all day! I feel a scrapbook page coming….

L O V e

miss me?

Well, I’ve been off, working and creating and living and have gotten away from here a little bit. But don’t worry, nothing could keep me away too long!

Basically, the last few weeks, we’ve just been trying to survive the unbelievably brutal St. Louis heat. Here’s what we’ve been doing to beat the HEAT:


playing in the hose.


playing in the house.


playing in the pool. on the porch. as nudies.


and after long days of beating the heat and playing… parker ends up asleep in the high chair and bailey graces us with her new favorite face!

So that’s what we’ve been up to!

Ok, ok, ok. That’s not all! I’ve also started ANOTHER blog! Although I’m not going to actually use it as a blog, I’m going to use it as my Jodified Designs website for the time being until I have time and money to create an actual website! So go check it out and let me know what you think!!! GO HERE!

they’re getting married???

And by THEY, of course I mean Heidi and Spencer! Matthew, you are the only one that understands this… well maybe Kelsey too! So Parker woke up this morning at 4:45am and when I turned the tv on I found 2 new episodes of The Hills on MTV. No, I am not a 17 year old girl, I am a 27 year old mom who’s guilty pleasure is starting a new season! Anyway, I can’t believe they are getting married! And M, didn’t you think Lo looked better?

I’m off to my first book fair! So exciting!

Happy Saturday!

can’t put it down.

I am a compulsive reader, which is why since I had children I only allow myself to read magazines so that I can start and finish them quickly. But then every once in a while I NEED a book. Something to really delve into and get lost in. The problem is, once that happens, I usually go on a reading rampage and inhale book after book after book.

So I started last week with an Usborne title: Everest Adventures. Totally great, even though it is designed for kids. It gives all the horrible details of the first summit attempts. A great history even if you’ve read Krakauer’s, Into Thin Air.

Anyway, then I got some books from my mom and I CAN’T PUT THIS ONE DOWN!

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

It’s awesome. A look at a world I know nothing about and for some reason I am facinated by this story.

Trying to stay cool curently as the temp today hit 106! Off to have a snack, put off my to do list and READ!


As untrusting and synical as most of the world is today, we still revolve ultimately on trust. You trust the cook at your favorite restaurant not to be working while ill and sneeze all over your food. You trust your stylist not to just chop all your hair off when she’s having a bad day. You trust your pediatrician when she tells you what shots your kids need. You trust your baby sitter to keep your kids safe while you’re gone. You trust other drivers not to drive drunk. You also trust that toy manufacturers make toys that aren’t going to harm your children.

Unfortunately, Mattel has failed us. They recently recalled over 9 MILLION toys.

The main problem with the toys is lead based paint. I thought we got rid of that in the 70′s. The other is small but very strong magnets.

Of course, we own several of these toys, mainly b/c a majority of the toys are Fischer Price ELMO or Sesame Street toys. I called my pediatrician just to see what they suggested and the girls are going to have lead tests done. As I scrolled down the photos of the toys and saw all the ones we own, images of Parker crawling with them in her mouth or Bailey chewing on them made my stomach hurt. I’m sure they’re fine, but I’m not going to mess around either.

Here are the links to the article on KSDK and also the Mattel website.

GO HERE for Mattel

GO HERE for the article

If you have these toys please follow the steps they give you to return them or at least take them away from your children.

Girls sleeping, chores done, work started… still going! Are you?


By 6:30am this morning I was already vacuuming the back porch. I both love and hate days like this, when I’m sitting here at 7:30am and feel like I have worked enough for the day already while most people are still sleeping. It give me a sense of accomplishment and also makes me crazy.

I’m off to work on laundry, the bain of my existence, and because that puts me in such a bad mood, here’s a photo from yesterday that I am in love with:


She’s becoming such a kid.

Because I’ve been doing so many chores lately, I wanted to share the song that is blasting on the computer lately while I clean:

Download fergie_big_girls_dont_cry.mp3

Bailey can even sing along!

Here’s to a day of chores! Go enjoy it!