so happy

and loving life…

Watching For The Boys with Bette Midler (LOVE her) and crafting. At 10pm it doesn’t get any better than this.

Except for the fact that some photos I took are now on my church’s website! So proud!

And this email from my sister (talking about the voice link in the previous post)…

I listened to it over and over again!! I just love listening to her talk. It amazes me everytime I hear her. On that note, thanks for letting her leave me a message. I know it probably annoys you, but it makes my day to know that she is thinking about me and remembers me when I am not there.
So thanks for being an awesome sister!! Won’t it be so cool when your girls can tag team and pass the phone back and forth to leave messages? Probably not too far off!!!

Bailey called her today and left a message that went something like this: “Hi Abbie, Hi Chris, Hi Polly. I love you. Ok, bye bye.”

See? It’s the small details that make people the happiest! Go out there and LOVE LIFE!

i love life.

I read a blog by a very talented artist that I have linked before, but GO HERE if you haven’t before. Anyway, Kal calls her blog “i love life” and lives out each day (or so it seems in her blog as I have never actually met her) by that philosophy. This morning I was taking a moment to relax by reading some of my favorite blogs and Bailey was playing on the floor next to me. She was drawing on her MagnaDoodle the different things I told her to draw.

“Bailey, can you draw a lion? Good! How about a circle? Very nice. What about the letter A?” And so on. (BTW, she’s talented [says her mom!] but it was all just scribbles!)

I was running out of ideas and so I told her to write, “I love life.”

Not kidding, all day long she ran around saying (yelling), “I LOVE LIFE!”

It was simply amazing. Inspired me beyond belief. I try to live my life that way, but hearing Bailey say it outloud made me realize that I do, in fact, LOVE LIFE. All the wonderfully exhausting gross details. All of it. I love it.


great finds.

Sorry I’ve been missing the last few days, I was actually out of the house working and Chris had the kids! Well, my mom had them for part of the time too, but don’t mention that to C b/c he was giving me parent advice about their schedules this morning. One day in my world and he knows it all!

Occasionally I will comment on other blogs I read, all of which are strangers to me. Once I comment then my blog is out there for others to click on that don’t know me either. I’m finding blogland to be this amazing, encouraging, somewhat strange world where strangers can peek into your life and then comment about it if they wish. Anyway, I linked an old post of mine to this blog and I got a comment from this lady. I went to her blog (see, it’s this crazy train of blogs you can get lost in, wonderfully lost in if the kids are sleeping!) and instantly fell in love with it!


And then GO HERE b/c I need this for my kids! And if they make them in adult male sizes I need one for Chris!

And then finally (finally only b/c I don’t have more time to play around on her blog) GO HERE b/c I seriously WANT ONE of these! This is the most magical little girl must-have I have seen in a long time. Can you imagine actually installing one? Awesome. Seriously. And while you’re HERE, check out this store b/c I need to take a road trip up to visit it. It looks so perfect!

That’s all for today, back to Mommyland which is bumper to bumper traffic of laundry and chores b/c for some reason Daddyland is just one big amusement park where they pay the queen of Mommyland to come clean! Just kidding, C actually did a pretty good job of keeping the house neat, he just doesn’t do all the BIG stuff. SO while Parker is napping I need to run around and catch up.

Have a good Wednesday!