Some people have told me that editing my photos so much is cheating. I want to address that right now.

If you ask the best photographers in the world right now, I bet more than half of what makes them a good photographer is how they edit their photos. Tara Whitney works a lot with her colors… b/c well, the world just doesn’t look that good all the time! I will say that to be a good photographer you HAVE to have a good EYE for the shot. You have to see the world in a different way. Chris yells at me all the time b/c he doesn’t think I live in the moment enough when I always want to grab the camera and CAPTURE the moment, but for me, I see things as if it were a photograph. All day I walk around noticing good shots. So I know that not all of it is in the editing, but I want to emphasize that if you don’t have a natural eye, as long as you shoot SOMETHING, and then pop it into Photoshop, you’ll get something pretty darn amazing! I’ve taken some pretty crappy shots and made them good just by the editing. Really fast, I want to say that in my opinion, a lot of good editing is in the CROPPING! CROP YOUR SHOTS! Stop taking SO many photos from SO FAR away! Get close, get personal and THEN take the picture!

For me, I love working in Photoshop on the color saturation and contrast. Contrast I think is my favorite. Here is an example of a photo I edited:


This was the actual photo that went from my camera into my computer. Now, b/c I got CLOSE and PERSONAL with my subject (my friend Lisa), I didn’t have to crop it, but I did work with the color…


Do you SEE the difference? Seriously. Doesn’t that just make a world of difference? I am in love with this photo! Not only is Lisa totally beautiful, with adjusting the color and lighting you can actually SEE the glow of new motherhood! Love it!

SO THERE. That is why you should edit your photos!

I’m off for a very busy day! Parker has her 9 month check-up and both girls have to have lead tests done b/c we owned so many of the Elmo toys that got pulled off the market for lead paint. I hate that. Then the girls are heading to Grandma’s for lunch and a nap while I head out with my friend Tracy. One day I will tell you her story, b/c it’s amazing. But today we are cleaning her house so it’s ready for them to move back into it tomorrow. I made her a gift that I will post tonight b/c it was a fun and easy project I think anyone could do! So go out there and LIVE today! Have a great day!

TO energize you, rock out to THIS!
Download corinne_bailey_rae_put_your_records_on.mp3

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