relaxing sunday.

My husband thinks a relaxing Sunday consists of not one, but two naps. I, on the other hand, had a great day cleaning, organizing and crafting.

My parents took Bailey to church with them and then let her nap over there, so we just had Miss Parker all day. She was a little fussier than usual, and I swear she missed Bailey! She kept looking around and I just know she was looking for her! I guess mom and dad aren’t as fun as her big sister!

My cleaning was a continuation of yesterday, when I got TONS done. It was so nice to get the entire downstairs dusted, really dusted, organized and slightly redecorated. The biggest change was the dining room where I’ve been scrapbooking the last few weeks.





You can SEE the table now! Impressive isn’t it?

And my other two projects from today:

I use this breakfast tray in our entry way to catch all the clutter that gathers there:


I’ve always hated that stupid carrot! So, with a little paper, photos, and embellsihments I came up with this:


And lastly, we got these chairs from a yard sale and I’ve needed to repaint them for ages, but painting furniture is NOT my favorite activity!


I HATE the flower, so for an easy and QUICK fix, I used a little paper and a little modge podge!


Not a permanent fix, but for now it is WAY better in my opinion!

So how’s that for a relaxing Sunday? :)

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