sleep! we’re sleeping! we’re ALL sleeping!

As I write this my foot, fingers that aren’t typing and everything else I can move on my body is knocking on wood b/c I don’t want to jinx this, BUT…


I haven’t been mentioning this lately b/c sleep issues is what this entire blog could be about, but then everyone would be bored to tears, so I try not to obsess about it too much. However, I have to talk about it NOW.

So last week I just had HAD it! I was so tired of waking up all the time. And really, Chris is the one who would go feed her, but I was awake and he was awake and both of us were just fairly crabby all the time. The problem being, that I knew we had to go through MORE nights of even LESS sleep to get to the ultimate prize. But finally, we just buckled down and DID IT! So the last week or so we haven’t been feeding her and I would stay awake to check on her every 15 minutes or so until she put herself back to sleep and the endless screaming subsided. Since we began it was at LEAST an hour, if not 2 of crying, and then last night, NOTHING. Not a sound, not a peep, nothing. I woke with a start around 5am, hit Chris and demanded to know what time it was, b/c it COULD NOT be morning! But it was and we were so blissfully happy for the next half an hour until they both woke up. :)

Anyway, tonight may be back to screaming, but we’re not giving up b/c we’ve tasted the prize! We’ve seen the pot of gold at the end of this nightmare and we’re not going back!



And YEAH for Parker!

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