As untrusting and synical as most of the world is today, we still revolve ultimately on trust. You trust the cook at your favorite restaurant not to be working while ill and sneeze all over your food. You trust your stylist not to just chop all your hair off when she’s having a bad day. You trust your pediatrician when she tells you what shots your kids need. You trust your baby sitter to keep your kids safe while you’re gone. You trust other drivers not to drive drunk. You also trust that toy manufacturers make toys that aren’t going to harm your children.

Unfortunately, Mattel has failed us. They recently recalled over 9 MILLION toys.

The main problem with the toys is lead based paint. I thought we got rid of that in the 70′s. The other is small but very strong magnets.

Of course, we own several of these toys, mainly b/c a majority of the toys are Fischer Price ELMO or Sesame Street toys. I called my pediatrician just to see what they suggested and the girls are going to have lead tests done. As I scrolled down the photos of the toys and saw all the ones we own, images of Parker crawling with them in her mouth or Bailey chewing on them made my stomach hurt. I’m sure they’re fine, but I’m not going to mess around either.

Here are the links to the article on KSDK and also the Mattel website.

GO HERE for Mattel

GO HERE for the article

If you have these toys please follow the steps they give you to return them or at least take them away from your children.

Girls sleeping, chores done, work started… still going! Are you?

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