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I’ve noticed that this blog is starting to change. In the beginning, when I started this endeavor, Parker was so little and I was so overwhelmed most of the time I talked and vented about mommy-hood mostly. Now I feel like I hardly mention the girls b/c I’m so busy trying to start this business! Someday I will learn the ultimate balance right?

Well, in case you are wondering, the girls are great. Amazing even. Parker is sleeping through the night beautifully and although they get up earlier than we would like, sleep is good. Bailey is starting pre-school next week! I seriously can’t believe I have a baby old enough for me to say the word “school” and it not be this far-off thing, it’s in 5 days! We’re just sending her one day a week so she can be around other kids. She’s going to love it! Her little friend Charlie will be in her class too! So fun. Parker is crawling everywhere, but won’t put her knees down! She crawls on all fours like a bear, two hands and two feet! It’s hillarious. She’s pulling up and walking while holding onto things… she’s going to be an earlier walker I think! At 9 months I don’t remember Bailey pulling up, but maybe she did. We also have a nanny helping me out during the week! It’s giving me a chance to really get more work done for my parents which is so nice, and so far Stephanie has been a great fit here! So the girls are good and I havne’t forgotten that I’m a mom, just busy getting Jodified going and pretty consumed/excited/terrified by work. I will say that I’ve been taking so many photos of other people this week I don’t think I’ve taken one here at home, so that’s going to have to change!

And speaking of photographing others… here are a few from my shoot yesterday with Angie and her son Nolan. Sweet sweet little boy with the biggest bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!Aw1


For some reason my computer is moving SO slow this morning. I guess he doesn’t like getting up early either. I have too much to do to wait for photos to load, so during nap my goal is to update the galleries over at Jodified, so to check out more pics head over there!

Chris is out of town so it’s just me and the girls… we’re off for bagels and yard sales! Happy Saturday!

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