I’ve always liked Halloween, but now that I’m a mom I love it. Picking out the costumes, trick or treating, carving pumpkins, it’s all a new experience in the eyes of your kids so it just makes it that much more exciting and fun! We’ve been getting ready for Halloween for weeks now… we bought the costumes (photos tonight), we decorated the house, etc. Last week we went on the Kirkwood Halloween Walk where they can go trick or treating to all the businesses and although it rained most of the night we had a great time (I have photos from that I need to post too)!

Last night we finally carved our pumpkins!


H2 H3 H4

Something I did last night for my parents… it glows when the candle is lit.


I also covered this little pumpkin with toile tissue paper… it turned out looking nothing like toile but has a creepy look to it so it works! Last night was pumpkin night!


We’re off to trick or treat at my Grandmother’s nursing home and then to my parents for dinner tonight and more trick or treating! Of course the candy is really for Daddy! HIS favorite part of this holiday!

Have a great one!

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