God’s sense of humor

Have you heard that phrase before?  I’ve used it quite a few times to describe events in my life, but nothing really completely fit that until now.

Are you ready for this?

*And before I go on, if you are a family member or close friend and are hearing about this first on my blog, I apologize, we’ve been busy processing instead of calling people.

Here we go!


{you can click the image to enlarge}

Yep! That’s right. Pregnant AGAIN!

And yes we know how this happens, and yes we were taking precautions to make this NOT happen, and yes I am still pregnant. God just thinks it’s funny to see me knocked up.

So anyway, if I seem distant, or am not returning emails/calls right away please give me some processing room. This news needs processing.

Three under three.

Holy crap.

So, I’ve mentioned before that bloggers like LOVE comments, and if there has ever been a time when I need encouraging comments the time is NOW. But please don’t leave any "you guys are idiots" comments, b/c that’s really not what I need right now. Just nice, "you can totally do this" comments would be lovely.

Are you off the ground from where you fell off your chair and still with me?


Now I’m taking my pregnant self and going to bed. Because Lord knows I need sleep!

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