leaving on a happy note.

I thought that if I write something tonight BEFORE bed, that it might send some good mojo into the atmosphere and help the sleep situation around here, leaving me no time to write at 3am!

So I had a photo shoot tonight and I NEVER do this, but I’m going to post a photo or two BEFORE popping them into Photoshop. And I’m doing this b/c these shots are just so perfectly Kelsey! My pseudo little sister, SENIOR in high school, cheerleader, baby-sitter, and all around amazing girl I’ve had the pleasure of watching grow into a beautiful woman. She’s oh so a cheerleader! Can you tell?

Img_0114Img_0115 Img_0121

Aren’t those awesome? I love it!

There are so many links I want to share and things I’ve found while blog hopping all night the last two nights, so if I’m up tonight again I will have time to share them! Good stuff out there. Check out my favorite blog links… you’ll love them too. ALSO, last night I got 4 more Christmas card designs done and will share those. Am working on revamping this oh so boring banner too.  Maybe I actually NEED that 3am work time! In preparation of a long night, but hoping I’m wrong, I’m heading to bed EARLY. 9pm. So if you are waiting on something from me, please be patient and understand I’m just tired. I’m working steadily on getting through the last few session edits. Thanks for understanding and good night!

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