oh to cough.

SO Bailey is STILL sick, although had a little more color to her face and a voice that was a tiny bit louder today. I took her to the doctor again this morning b/c of her deep cough and wheezing. She has the croupe (sp?) and is fairly miserable. They put her on steroids to help take the swelling away from her vocal chords and the coughing is just now starting… all weekend she was pretty much mute and the infection was all in her throat. Now that it’s breaking up she’s going to have a horrific cough for a few weeks. Lovely. Try keeping a one year old away from her hacking sister all day! Tonight the poor thing coughed so hard in bed she threw up everywhere, which means Teds is now in the washing machine taking a bath… she was NOT happy.

Watching your little ones so sick is the hardest thing and terribly exhausting. Again, if you are waiting for your photos, please bear with me. I think I’m just calling it a night so I can survive tomorrow.

A new Creating Keepsakes came in the mail (thanks mom!) so i have fun reading for bed! Oh to lay down…

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