paper towels.

I think I mentioned that Wednesday Bailey came home from school crabby and ended up with a fever that night. Well that fever escalated into the most sever chest cold she’s ever had. She will barely talk her throat hurts so badly and she cries every time she coughs.  This, on top of Parker trying to sleep through the night led to a very VERY long week. Add to that six photo shoots, KCCI designs, other projects, keeping up with the house, etc… I’m a very tired lady. However, my gracious parents agreed to take the girls for the weekend so C and I could catch up on work and most importantly SLEEP.  So my sick little girl has been pampered by Grandma for two days with visits by Mommy and Daddy. Trust me, she’s more spoiled with time there than here. They come home at 7am tomorrow and although the time (and SLEEP) has been nice, I can’t wait to cuddle on the couch with Bailey and play on the floor with Parker!

I did get two shoots edited today so go check them out HERE… so proud of myself for that!

Kelsey, Tracy (my neighbor), Beachy and Anderson you are all on deck for editing! Thanks for being patient as this has been one hell of a week!

Friday morning while Bailey laid on the couch and watched her new favorite movie (the first full-length one she’s seen), Finding Nemo, I was quickly trying to clean the house and walked into the kitchen to find THIS:

Img_0144_copy  Img_0148_copy Img_0146_copyImg_0150_copy

Parker found the paper towels, dragged them off the chair and proceeded to have a grand old time! I was laughing so hard that Bailey got off the couch to see what was going on. The sweet thing had the biggest smile and you could tell she was trying so hard not to laugh and make her throat hurt even more! Parker gets into EVERYTHING! Bailey was not a super adverturous baby, so Parker is making up for it!

Two shoots tomorrow and one sick little puppy coming home. I have lots of art projects lined up that I will try to remember to photograph b/c I need to share some great kid craft ideas on here! Have a great Sunday!

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