personal day.

Chris came home tonight and said that he wants to plan to take a personal day soon. It got me thinking how nice it would be to take a personal day myself! Do moms ever get personal days? When they can just call, say they’re not coming in and roll over to fall back to sleep!  How amazing would that be?

I mean seriously?

Today would have been my choice of a personal day b/c nothing went as planned. I was/am so tired I could barely function, and normally I do fairly well on no sleep. So Parker stayed in jammies all day and basically so did I (although I did manage to fit a shower in) and just doing normal chores was hard. Bailey came home from school very crabby, the girls napped at opposite times (so no free time for me), Parker was a nightmare b/c she’s exhausted, Bailey ended up with 102 degree fever tonight, and the list goes on. It was just ONE. OF. THOSE. DAYS.

Thank goodness for Private Practice, pretzels, the Mnt Dew Chris went to get me and this computer (or my third child as C calls it). So although I’m tired still, the house is cleaned up, laundry put away and I am sitting here editing photos happy as a clam.

Ok, commercial is over!

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