black friday

I’ve only participated in Black Friday once. We were living in Spokane, WA and my girl friends convinced me it was something I couldn’t miss. So I was up around 3am, at Walmart at 4am waiting in line to get in and by 6am I was so dazed I had no idea what I had bought and was walking around aimlessly.  We’ve never had enough money for me to be worrying about the "hottest deals" like electronics or big toys. I went for the experience and haven’t been back! Maybe someday we’ll have extra money and it will be fun to make impulse purchases and fight other women for the big deals.

So instead of fighting the mobs today, we spent the day in our jammies. I worked some, we got Christmas up inside, started the lights outside, rearranged some furniture, played with the girls and just enjoyed having Daddy home on a Friday!

Thanksgiving was equally as nice. Chris and I were able to go to the Turkey Day Game with my dad while my mom watched the girls, we all came home for naps afterwards, stopped by C’s parents house to say hello to his family (so great to see the extended family we haven’t seen in forever and wish we could have stayed longer) and then came home to an amazing dinner we COOKED OURSELVES! That’s right, Chris decided this year that he wanted to start our own tradition and have a small Thanksgiving at home! I was dubious simply b/c we ALWAYS go to his parents house and also b/c I DO NOT cook big meals! So this year we started easy and just a tad untraditional with a roast instead of an entire turkey. Although I missed the leftover sandwiches today, the roast was great and we did have mashed potatoes, green bean caserole and fresh hot rolls.

It really was wonderful to have such a quiet holiday at our own home.  We always go somewhere for holidays, no matter what holiday it is b/c we both have parents in town.  With number three on the way it’s harder and harder to go out, push bedtime and not suffer the consequences the next day. So to have the girls in bed on time, the quiet house to clean up ourselves and to just enjoy our small little family was truly a blessing. A blessing among many many others.

I will post photos tomorrow of the 100th anniversary Turkey Day game b/c if you’ve never heard of this you are missing out! But for now I have posted two FINISHED photo shoots over at Jodified, am exhausted and heading to bed. Good night!

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