Do any of you watch Higglytown Heroes on Disney Channel in the morning?  I mean, obviously you’re not watching for your own pleasure, but do your kids watch it?  We have the DC on from about 5:45am until 8am… and yes I know that’s a lot of tv, but it’s also really early in the morning and the time when I’m waking up, cleaning up messes that didn’t get cleaned up the night before and getting everyone dressed and fed.  So yes, Disney babysits for me. Anyway, the point of this post is not to admit my lack of parenting skills in the morning!

So Higglytown Heros BOTHERS me b/c all the people are like those dolls that fit inside each other. I just think it’s so weird and gross that they hide inside of each other all the time. The only redeeming quality the show has is that in every episode there is a "hero" that saves the day and it’s always a normal everyday person just doing his job.  From a trash man to a doctor. This week so far the Allen men have been heros and it’s starting to freak me out!  Yesterday is was a newspaper reporter, which is what Uncle Matthew does (he works for the St. Louis Business Journal) and today it was a painter AND a forest ranger. Uncle Jack paints right now and we always thought he would be a great forest ranger (he’s not going to do that I don’t think but he loves camping/hiking/outdoors and would just be perfect at that). So tomorrow it should either be a teacher for Chris or a land developer for Grandpa Bubba!  :)  

This has been one too many posts without photos so I will make sure to post some next time! Enjoy your Wednesday! We’ve got LAUNDRY on our plate today, dropping off Daddy’s car to be fixed and I have a meeting today at 3:30pm with a woman interested in my photographing her wedding! We’re meeting so I can make sure she’s not crazy to hire me! Kidding! I want her to meet ME so that she’s sure she likes me and can work with me… and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m capable of doing a WEDDING! Have a great one!

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