June is coming.

June 20th is the unofficial official due date of this new little person brewing in my belly. That means that from now until then time will fly by b/c that seems to happen with all of my pregnancies… time seems to hit fast forward and before I know it we have a tiny baby in our arms.

I’m about 10 1/2 weeks along and everything looks good. The best part of the visit this morning was seeing the girls at the desk, Nicki the nurse and Dr. Jennifer Smith who is simply amazing. I love everything about my OB’s office. Everyone gave me crap about being back SO SOON which was fun and they always have the best magazines in the waiting room. I appreciate being able to read decorating mags instead of just Hollywood gossip.

So I guess this is real now since we have the photos to prove it. I still can’t believe that I’ve been wearing maternity clothes already! And also so thankful that the morning sickness and first trimester exaustion are almost a memory and I’m not even into the second trimester yet. God is good when it comes to me and pregnancy.

Speaking of having easy pregnancies… I briefly talked to my doctor today about having a natural birth this time: no epidural. Bailey took 12 hours and 2 pushes, Parker took 6 hours and 2 pushes so I’m fairly certain this baby will be quick and easy also. Does anyone out there have any good advice on a natural birth? Has anyone had a Doula? Taken any classes? This is still just a thought and not an exact plan yet but would love to hear from anyone that went through labor and delivery with no drugs.  Since this is FOR SURE our last I just want a different experience…

Ok, the girls are pretending to nap (they are up there jumping in their cribs and laughing) so while I have them up there work calls! Hope you’re having a GOOD and RAINY Monday!

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