never ending

it is 3am and although i would rather be sound asleep in bed, i’ve been up for over an hour with the girls. bailey now has the stomach flu, or at least she threw up once already tonight. we’ll see how the rest of the night goes and tomorrow. thank goodness we have that nausea medicine… i gave it to bails so hopefully that helps settle her stomach.

why does life hit my so hard all the time? i can’t tell you the last time we slept through the night or had kids that were 100% well or weren’t at each others throats due to pure exhaustion. can a marriage survive toddlerhood?

parker is awake and crying in our room with chris b/c we don’t want to let her cry it out upstairs and keep bailey awake. so i’m in the living room on bailey duty and chris has parker.

i’m so tired.

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