one year.

One year ago today I gave birth in front of 9 people, not counting the nursing staff and doctors.

One year ago I struggled for the second time with breast feeding.

One year ago I had no idea how we would handle two babies.

One year ago I didn’t have a blog.

One year ago I knew I was losing myself in poopy diapers, Elmo and middle of the night feedings.

One year ago I didn’t know what an amazing big sister Bailey would be.

One year ago my family was missing one of the spunkiest, infuriating, hilarious, cuddliest little girls I know.

One year ago today miss Parker Jane Allen was born and my life became doubly blessed.

TODAY: I started out with a photo shoot of the most beautiful soon-to-be mommas ever, we moved the girls playhouse from outside into the playroom for winter, I cleaned the upstairs, we had lunch at Llywelyn’s, I edited photos (Hammerschmidt you are DONE finally! and Huelsing you’re ALMOST done!), we opened gifts with the Allen’s, we played at Monkey Joes and ended with dinner out so I wouldn’t have to cook today…b/c your kid’s birthdays are sort of a celebration for you too right?  I mean after a year of care giving, loving, diaper changing, bathing, and enjoying the life of your baby you deserve a party too don’t you!?! It was a FULL day that ended with me dropping a camera card in a bucket of bleach water and ruining part of a photo shoot. Oh yes, that is how my day ended. My really great, second daughter’s first birthday ended in a disaster! Luckily it was Greentree’s individual staff photos and out of ANY shoot will be the easiest to redo, but still. Something like this would only happen to me!

And in case you were wondering, I took NO photos today of Parker’s birthday b/c I’m a horrible mom and FORGOT. As simple as that. The camera was packed up from the shoot and never saw the light of day again. As I type this the birthday girl is crying which is hopefully not her throwing up again, b/c that’s how last night went but we still have her birthday cake tonight. Better run…

Have a good Monday morning!

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