poop problems

Not ME, Parker.  The poor thing, after all the anti-nausea medicine we’ve given her in hopes she would stop throwing-up, we clogged her up! She was up almost all night screaming and pushing to no avail. She’s sound asleep now so as Bailey watches cartoons I’m just sitting here trying to not think about how exhausted I am. Actually Chris had the hardest duty b/c she’s such a Daddy’s girl lately she only wanted him. But just b/c I wasn’t the one holding her, I was awake listening to her cry. So in the midst of the craziness I grabbed my new laptop/savior and edited the only photos I had on here, the Greentree Community Church staff photos. I think I was feeling horrible that I bleached their individual staff photos so rather than just lay in bed doing nothing, I laid in bed and worked. If I had had any other photos on here I would have gotten TONS of work done last night! Anyway, here’s a peek at some of the photos…





So it’s Monday morning, we have a doctors appt this morning for the girl’s flu shots and Parker’s 12 month shots… not fun with no help! Then today we are playing upstairs (C and I cleaned the entire playroom last night!) and I’m editing photos. THIS WEEK I WILL GET CAUGHT UP!

Enjoy your day!

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