Baby E.

I haven’t written much about the fact that my little sister is having her first baby b/c I’ve been waiting for a great way to announce what she’s having. Today I did her maternity shoot (luckily the weather totally cooperated!) so here it goes…


I think Abbie was hoping for a boy, but I am SO glad she’s having a little girl that can be BFF with Bails and Parker! Can’t WAIT for this little one to get here and wishing they lived about 8 hours closer! I had a great time taking her maternity shots this morning… we were at Forest Park, City Museum (the whole family met us there and we had a great time), Christ Church Cathedral and the steps of the St. Louis Library. I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing shoots in the city! Or in any place OTHER than a park! Parks are fine, and great for classic shots, but I really like being challenged, being pushed to find new and creative ways to get great shots. This belly shot was taken at the top entrance to The Muny.

I will post more photos later b/c I am SO exhausted. Chris went out last night with friends from work to celebrate the last day of school and instead of coming home around midnight like he said, he got home at 3:30am! And of course it was a night the girls weren’t sleeping so I wasn’t sleeping and had no help. I also was worried sick about where he was. SO I think I’m working on about 2 hours of sleep and can’t work much longer.

And before I call it quits tonight I want to update you on Parker. She does have laryngomalacia, which is a condition where her larynx is soft instead of hard and collapses with every breath she takes making her sound like she’s growling a little. It’s not dangerous b/c it hasn’t hindered her growth or development at all, she’s in the 95% for height! The doctor DID say that it was one of the most severe cases he’s seen for her age, but he wants to wait 6 weeks to see if there is any change before recommending surgery. So we go back on Feb 6th for another check where they put a camera scope down her nose/throat and watch her breathe (it was horrible b/c she was in pain and screaming, but totally interesting to be able to see her breathe and understand exactly what’s happening in there!) So nothing new to report I guess. Thanks for the prayers and concerns, I really love having this new blog family!

And that is IT for tonight! Have a great Sat!

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