You truly know you’re a stay-at-home-mom when your kids wake up, you grab whatever is clean and fits without caring how they look. And I think this settles in with the second kid, b/c with your first you are alone with one baby all day. You have time to do laundry so that everyone has matching outfits, you are still excited to put them in all the cute clothes you got as gifts or bought at the over-priced stores b/c you also still have a little extra money to spend clothes. Once that second one comes you are balancing a toddler and a baby, you are so sleep deprived you can barely function let along match clothes together and by the time you hit this stage in life you just really don’t give a damn anymore how anyone looks.

I say this as a result from yesterday. I dressed Parker and thought nothing of it, then when I got her from her nap it was like my eyes were open for the first time all day b/c MAN did she look rough! I had no idea!


Striped turtle neck and floral pants that are a size too small.


At least she’s still cute!

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