survivng the holidays. part deux.

So last night I took the advice of my husband, sister and now mother and sat for at least 45 minutes writing a long and detailed journey of our holiday. Then, as I hit the POST button, the stupid idiot mean poop head of our wireless internet went out and it all got deleted.  So forget it.

All you’re gonna get is that it’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks. We have so much family that is constantly coming and going that everyday is a new day to see people and do fun things. The girls have been troopers with late naps and late nights, however Parker is still the devil child at night and my plan of having her sleep through the night by the time C’s break is over is looking bleak. I will NOT give up though b/c I’ve been up for at least 2 hours a night with her for almost two weeks. This is NO time to give up! And I also woke up on Christmas morning with one hell of a cold. It hasn’t slowed me down too much, i just feel like crap while doing everything I normally do.

Christmas WAS good though, the girls were bombarded with amazing gifts and C and I just enjoyed watching Bailey actually "get it" this year. I love watching her excited little face as she opens her gifts exclaiming, "this is SOOOO cute!"  Too funny.

We spent the days after Christmas rearranging our house, reorganizing all the toys, clothes and rooms to make space for new things and get rid of the old. I am a MASTER purger if you ever need help with that sort of thing. We have 4 bins for yard sale and got rid of 6 trash bags worth of crap. It felt great. We’re tackling the upstairs today/tomorrow. I LOVE getting things out of this house and organizing what’s left. All I keep thinking about with this third baby coming is that the stuff will just keep multiplying and clutter will take over our lives. Kids don’t need so much stuff and neither do we. So the toys are less, my craft supplies are all but gone (when am I going to have time anyway?) and things are simpler. What I’ve noticed in the last two days is that the girls are actually playing with what we left them rather than just throwing toys all over the house all day. It’s a good thing.

This weekend is no exception in the busy dept so I need to get moving. I will post the photos I spent SO MUCH TIME last night posting later. I’m glad that those of you that have blogs survived the holidays too and for those of you that don’t blog, I hope you had a magical Christmas as well!

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